The Ceramic tile is the most common tile used in offices, stores and homes. Ceramic tiles come in two forms: Glazed and Unglazed.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay which is then heated. The glaze is added after the firing of the clay tile, which creates the color of the tile. This process allows for the creation of infinite color combinations.


  •  Ceramic tiles do not attract dust and dust mites.

  • It is moisture resistant

  • Ceramic tiles are resistant to fire, odor and fading.


  •     Tile pieces found in cartons can vary in colour and design

Unglazed ceramic tiles are a cheap, durable and natural option for industrial, commercial and residential tile applications. It is used a lot in industrial settings because it is so durable and can also be used outdoors.


  •  It is less prone to chips and scratches.

  • It has a naturally coarse surface, making it less slippery than some other surfaces when wet


  • It is porous, which means that it can become stained. In residential applications